One of our lovely participants thoughts on our Gentle Movement classes. Thanks Anne!

Heather- “My Gentle Movement Journey”

Heather was diagnosed with Primary Progressive MS (PPMS) in December 2016. It is understood however that she was suffering from […]

Linda- “My Gentle Movement Journey”

In late 2019, Linda experienced a bout of blurred vision as she drove to work, she joked with colleagues about […]


We all find change a little difficult… but what if it was for the better? Life sometimes throws us a […]

Gentle Movements Help Arthritis

Physical activity is a great way to increase your physical and mental health and can also reduce the symptoms of […]

The MorphFit Gentle Movement Story

My name is Kenneth Muir, In 2006 I retrained as a Personal Trainer and set up my company Body Morph […]

Nicola Reilly Pollock- MorphFit Gentle Movement Project

Meet our wonderful instructor, Nicola… Nicola┬áhere from the Gentle Movement Project. I deliver the online classes each week to our […]

Thank You!

Another lovely testimonial from a lovely participant. Thank you.

Kenneth Muir- MorphFit Gentle Movement Project

Here at the Gentle Movement Project we want to introduce you to our team, some of the people we support […]