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Here at the Gentle Movement Project we want to introduce you to our team, some of the people we support and some of the organisations who support us! Please meet Kenneth, the man behind MorphFit!

“In 2001 I lost 6 stone in weight by making essential lifestyle changes. I developed a passion for fitness and running going on to spend 3 years running with Motherwell Athletics Club 2003-2006 reaching levels of fitness I would never have imagined possible before I lost my weight.

The time I spent running with Motherwell helped me develop a keen interest for all round Health, Fitness, General Wellbeing and helping others achieve their own goals. This inspired me to retrain as a Personal Trainer and Sports Therapist in 2005-06 and went on to launch Body Morph Fitness Limited in September 2006.

From the beginning the Body Morph Business model was aimed at helping and encouraging those who were also on a weight loss journey and could relate to someone who had already experienced the same challenges.

In 2007 we were asked to be part of a NHS Lifestyle Intervention team delivering Health, Fitness and Dietary advice to Diabetic patients. 14 years later we are proudly still delivering this service.

In 2011 I was diagnosed with Skin Cancer. I had surgery, skin grafts and lymph node biopsies to remove the melanoma and determine the diagnosis. The fitness that I had accrued since my weight loss went a long way in helping me recover from my surgery.

October 2011, I opened the Body Morph Fitness clinic which was not only aimed at providing mainstream fitness services, it was aimed at helping those who had also experienced similar experiences and was looking for a private and discrete fitness facility to rehabilitate. Over the years we have proudly helped many patients on their recovery journey.

In 2016 to differentiate between our mainstream services and our clinical based work we expanded and doubled the size of our clinic and I launched Body Morph Lifestyle Ltd. Body Morph Lifestyle was dedicated to onsite and offsite rehabilitation work with our patients. With Cancer rehabilitation a main factor in my own life we struck up a close working partnership with The Beatson Cancer Charity. In September 2016 we started providing onsite Gentle Movement classes for the patients of the Beatson, a service that continues to this day.

In 2018 we started fundraising for the Beatson charity. We took a team to southern Spain and ran up and down La Concha mountain before returning to Glasgow the same day. In 2019 inspired by my four-legged friend Cal, I ran up and down Tinto 52 times in 52 weeks in under 52 hours and in 2020 we created the 8000 Km virtual bike challenge by cycling from Glasgow to San Francisco in 8 months. To date we have raised over £40,000 for the Beatson charity.

In 2020 we wanted to help as many vulnerable populations as possible through the pandemic. This led me to launch our Social Enterprise company The MorphFit Gentle Movement Project Ltd. Being a social enterprise we have been able to access funding that would otherwise have been unavailable to us. Due to the pandemic and the restrictions, our services are currently online. In year one, we were funded 5 times and have been able to support and deliver our online Gentle Movement programmes to The Beatson, The Haven, Sense Scotland, Lanarkshire Carers Association, MS Society Lanarkshire, MS Society Scotland, The Elderly and all age groups with pre-existing health issues.

In 2021 we have expanded our Social Enterprise team to help us reach out to as many populations as possible. We are launching the MorphFit App July 2021 to make our services even more accessible and look forward to helping as many populations as possible stay fit, healthy and mobile in the coming years.

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