The MorphFit Gentle Movement Story


My name is Kenneth Muir, In 2006 I retrained as a Personal Trainer and set up my company Body Morph Fitness and established the MorphFit brand. In May 2011 I was diagnosed with Skin Cancer. I had surgery, skin grafts and lymph node biopsies to remove the melanoma and determine the diagnosis.

From the beginning the MorphFit model was aimed at helping and encouraging those who were rehabilitating, recovering and in need of a specific approach to exercise.

October 2011, I opened the MorphFit clinic which was not only aimed at providing mainstream fitness services, it was aimed at helping those who had pre-existing health conditions and required a specific environment to help them rehabilitate. 

Pre COVID the MorphFit team were delivering essential onsite exercise services that were specifically designed to help Cancer and Diabetic patients. 

When the country had to isolate and go into lockdown, we set up a digital platform to pilot our Gentle Movement exercise programme connecting all of society’s most vulnerable populations ensuring that they stayed safe, connected and mobile.

It quickly became apparent that there was an essential need for our new digital platform, and we launched our Social Enterprise company The MorphFit Gentle Movement Project Ltd.


Our online team has expanded to include Nicola our online Gentle Movement Exercise specialist, who over the last year has helped vulnerable populations such as Cancer Patients, MS patients, Diabetic patients, The Elderly, Unpaid Carers and patients shielding that are both pre and post-surgery. 

Carol is a registered nurse and provides essential advice for patients if they contact us directly. She is also able to refer patients onto the programme. 

Ashley is the newest member of the team assuming the position of Community Engagement and Fundraising Officer connecting The MorphFit Gentle Movement Project to the wider community.


Our vision is to establish a digital wellbeing hub for the elderly and all age groups with acknowledged health conditions. We plan to launch the MorphFit App Autumn 2021 which will make connecting to the service quicker and easier and allow the clients to access additional services such as recordings of the daily programmes which they can re-run at their own convenience. We also have a new modern facility and will be able to integrate a blended onsite / online service in the future for those able to attend. 

With the money that we raise we will be able to introduce more populations to the Gentle Movement platform. It will allow us to fund introductory programmes to the most vulnerable populations in society and help secure the jobs of the people running the project.


Testimonial 1:

“This is much desired service, which is ably provided by you. The Morphfit gentle movements have three main benefits, physical fitness, mental health and reduces boredom and loneliness, for people who may be house bound, due to COVID restrictions.

 I would certainly recommend your classes to anyone, who may be differently abled and is willing to avail, this chance to improve their well being. Hope you are able to continue to provide this very useful and essential service, especially under current circumstances.

It has certainly helped me positively and I feel all round much better both physically and mentally.”

Sabby – Dr Bawa GP Retired Ex Honorary senior lecturer university of Glasgow

Testimonial 2:

“The Morphfit team have provided support to the clients we support at the Beatson Cancer Charity through a dedicated weekly online gentle movement exercise class.

I have referred clients who are currently receiving treatment as well as those who have completed treatment. Common struggles for those with a cancer diagnosis are fatigue and reduced fitness/mobility.

Clients can often be very worried and nervous about trying to get back in to exercise.

The Morphfit classes have provided a brilliant support during the pandemic. The classes allow these individuals to build up their stamina in the safety of their own home and at a pace that suits them.

Furthermore, I have received such lovely feedback about the peer support clients have enjoyed during these classes and knowing others have similar difficulties really helps to reduce isolation.”

Kirsty Hendry – Beatson Specialist Health and Work Practitioner / Living with Uncertainty Facilitator

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