Welcome to Morphfit Gentle Movement Project Ltd.

The MorphFit Gentle Movement Project Ltd is actively building working partnerships within the the third sector community offering to help vulnerable populations.

Our unique online service is available to: 

  • The elderly 
  • All age groups and populations experiencing acknowledged health issues
  • To Carers of vulnerable populations

Our Goal is to : 

  • To help improve general wellbeing, 
  • Improve physical health 
  • Improve Mental health. 
  • Provide Social stimulation and Interaction
  • Help those isolating due to COVID-19 

The MorphFit Gentle Movement Project is a fully funded community focused Gentle Exercise Programme delivered online helping the elderly and those with acknowledged health issues who are shielding from COVID and missing out on regular health care programmes. 

The main aim is to deliver this unique online service back into the local community helping improve and maintain the mobility, fitness and health of the patients through both seated and when appropriate standing based exercises. We also aim to introduce a new level of connectivity to this population helping to combat social isolation and bridge the gap until onsite essential rehabilitation services are once again available.